How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost?

by | Aug 1, 2023 | Personal Training

Your doctor may recommend physical therapy after surgery, injury, or extended illness. Physical therapy may help reduce pain and increase mobility. Of course, physical therapy comes at a cost, and several factors can affect what you end up paying. Keep reading to learn more about the costs associated with physical therapy, and how EIM in Mountain Brook can help.

How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost?

Physical therapy is often the first step in the process of addressing an injury. The main goal of any physical therapy regime is to restore function and return to normal activity, but physical therapy is only a small part of the larger rehabilitation process. During this time, patients can learn completely new ways of moving. Patients often don’t realize they are moving improperly until a therapist points it out. Physical therapists can identify areas of weakness or improper alignment. Most patients find the process to be educational. Physical therapists treat a variety of conditions, but some of the most common conditions utilizing physical therapy in Mountain Brook include:

  • Strokes or other neurological problems
  •  Neck and back pain
  • Limitations in joint range of motion
  • Work-related injuries
  • Sports and other orthopedic injuries

Factors Influencing Physical Therapy Cost

Both direct and indirect factors can affect what you end up paying for physical therapy in Mountain Brook. Direct factors are driven by the type of service provided, length of session, specialty of provider, location, and contracted reimbursement from insurance companies. Indirect factors are a little less hard to keep track of, such as the time taken off work for appointments, cost of delayed care if not immediately available, co-pays for appointments and childcare, for example.

More extensive injuries will require more frequent visits and take longer to recover from, even with correct therapy. This means costs can start adding up quickly.

Cost Breakdown

The national average per session cost for physical therapy can range from $30- $400. This wide range is due to the different procedures that can happen in any appointment. An initial evaluation in a private office in Mountain Brook, Ala can cost anywhere from $150- $200. The same appointment at a hospital may cost anywhere from $400- $500. Follow-up visits may cost anywhere from $80- $100 at a private facility or anywhere from $300- $400 at a hospital.

Therapists may also recommend at-home equipment to continue the treatment outside of the office. Examples include weights, bands, mats, and braces. The cost of these items can vary but options are usually available at your local big-box retailer.

Understanding Insurance Coverage For Physical Therapy

Insurance may or may not cover physical therapy, so it’s best to read the details of your plan. Some plans will have a consistent co-pay, meaning once you pay that, insurance will cover the rest of the costs. Other plans may require that your deductible be met before they will help with the costs. If your plan is the latter of the two, the cost you pay is based on services received and for how long. More services for a longer period of time are more expensive for both the insured and the insurance company unless the company caps charges at a maximum rate.

These days, fewer and fewer insurance companies are covering physical therapy services before a deductible is met. Additionally, most insurance companies require referrals from another doctor. It’s best to give your insurance company a call to fully understand your policy before beginning a physical therapy regime.

Book Your Physical Therapy With EIM

Physical therapy is important to your well-being and overall health, especially when recovering from an injury, surgery, or a long illness. The therapists at EIM in Mountain Brook are experts and dedicated to getting you back in top shape. A combination of rehabilitation treatments with personal training allows for a holistic approach to maximize healthy and pain-free living. Contact us online today for an in-depth 1-hour evaluation!

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