Is a personal trainer worth it? 5 Reasons our clients say 100%

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Insights, Personal Training

By: Adam Pounds, EIM Owner

Whether you’re considering hiring a personal trainer to help you lose weight, step up your current fitness regimen, or help you treat a chronic disease, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it. 

We understand the hesitation. Skilled personal trainers aren’t cheap and hiring one can be a life changing decision. 

But, if you’re truly ready to make the commitment, you might be surprised to learn what a knowledgeable personal trainer has to offer. 


Is a personal trainer worth it?

According to clients at EIM Personal Training, hiring a personal trainer is completely worth it. 

Why? Because a personal trainer will:

  1. Provide accountability. 

“Having a personal trainer has changed my body and life. I am in better shape and the strongest I have ever been. My workouts are very challenging and always different, so I never get bored or want to quit. I am never tempted to sleep in or skip because I know my trainer will hold me accountable.”

-Anne Bussian, EIM Client

  1. Get you motivated. 

“A personal trainer is worth it! I always thought I could workout and train on my own. However, having someone with the knowledge of how the muscles work, someone to keep me motivated and accountable is what I need. When I say “No”, he says, “Yes, one more. You can do it!” I put it on my schedule like an important business appointment, so I never miss it!” 

-Lori Robertson, EIM Client

  1. Use your time more wisely. 

“I find that a trainer is necessary for me to prioritize my time to exercise. I am getting a more serious/custom workout than ever before. Trainers are great to have because they show me how to execute specific exercises correctly so I am getting the most out of my time.”

-Cornelia LaRusa, EIM Client 

  1. Improve your quality of life.

“Working with a personal trainer, after having been diagnosed with a chronic disease, has been life changing. Besides the obvious physical changes that have occurred, I find that my overall health, stamina, and flexibility and balance have markedly improved. I am able to achieve goals that I never thought possible. Training has become an integral part of my treatment plan, on the same level as my doctors and prescribed medications.” 

-Tierney Screven, EIM Client 

  1. Enhance your overall well being.

“In my experience, having a trainer is more than just worth it. A trainer pushes me further than I ever thought I could go, sets goals for me that I would have never set for myself, and encourages me to become the healthiest version I can be through constant support and kindness. Exercising is no longer about losing weight, but rather about taking an hour for myself to work on my mental health, my stress levels, and my athletic capability.” 

-Lara Screven, EIM Client


Ready to Hire a Personal Trainer in Birmingham, AL?

Are all personal trainers created equal? No. Probably not all are going to give you the level of dedication and attention that our EIM team provides. So while we’re humbled by their answers, we aren’t surprised when they tell us that having us on their side is absolutely worth it.



Learn more about whether a personal trainer is worth it from EIM Personal Training in Birmingham, AL

Exercise Is Medicine (EIM) is an elite personal training studio located in Mountain Brook, Alabama. We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! With a holistic approach to health, fitness and wellness, the EIM team works to understand your fitness goals, help you identify and develop wellness priorities, and address your specific health and fitness challenges. Through this understanding, we’re able to design a fitness and wellness plan specifically tailored to you. 

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