Debunking the Myth: Ladies, Weight Training Won’t Make You Bulky

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Insights, Personal Training, Physical Activity, Weight Training

By: Adam Pounds, EIM Owner

One of the most common myths of exercise is that weight training makes you super bulky, especially if you’re a woman.

While it is true that weight training and exercise builds muscle mass, the truth is that women, unless fully devoted to doing so, are unlikely to build big bulky muscles.

Let me explain.


The Main Myth: Weight Lifting Makes You Bulky

Getting muscles like The Rock or Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t as easy as one might think; the typical weight-lifting regime won’t produce these types of results.

Regular strength training and exercise leads to small tears in muscles, and the body responds by repairing these tears, increasing the size of these cells and making new ones. That sounds pretty simple, but other factors, such as hormones, age, gender, rest periods in between workouts, frequency of workouts and nutrition all affect the process.

Plus, not only do women’s bodies tend to have overall less muscle mass than men, but women simply don’t produce enough testosterone to achieve those bodybuilder-like results.

Because of all these factors, the process of building muscle is gradual and turning into a linebacker won’t happen overnight- or maybe even ever, especially for women.

In short, women can enjoy all of the benefits of strength training and a great workout – without the heavy bulk.

Here’s What to Expect From A Strength Training Workout

Weight lifting offers several benefits that can help build healthy muscle, melt away fat and lead to the toned, desired physique many desire.

A few of the main benefits of strength training include:

  • Stronger muscles, ligaments and overall increased joint stability

  • Decrease in body fat composition

  • Increase in bone density, which can be especially important in women who are prone to osteoporosis and other bone diseases

  • Improved physical coordination

The process of building muscle is slow. An experienced male in weight training would gain only two to three pounds of muscle in a year, and this of course is coupled with the correct diet program, sleep schedule and more.

What’s the Best Way to Build Lean Muscle?

 As for the actual workout itself, the goal is to get to the point of muscle fatigue, so the body sends cells to repair the fatigue. The best way to achieve this is through lifting moderately heavy weights with lots of repetitions and short rest periods.

This will produce an aerobic effect and lead to burning calories and increasing muscle mass at the same time.

It’s Not a Numbers Game (So don’t focus on the scale)

One important note to remember about strength training is that muscle weighs more than fat.

The number on the scale may go up, but inches will go down.

The focus should be on the body fat percentage and not the weight. Lowering the body fat percentage and increasing muscle mass will achieve the slimmer look, but may not always be reflected by the scale.

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